Freelance Opportunities

Angel Sharp Media uses freelancers to assist with our client work during busy periods of the year, or when specialist skills are required for certain projects. We are currently looking for freelance video editors and shooters.

We are a factual production house that specialises in high quality cinematic digital shorts for a diverse range of clients and organisations.

We are always keen to meet freelancers who have a great grasp of digital trends, an ability to make stunning films, a sensitivity to draw out compelling human stories, and who are friendly, reliable and fun. We pride ourselves as being a welcoming and interesting company to freelance with.

Freelance VIDEO Editors

We are currently looking to expand our pool of freelance editors.

We are ideally looking for editors local to Oxford, willing to come into our offices and edit in-house on a project-by-project basis, who have some experience in FCPX.

The ability to bring in a MacBook, or edit from home, is helpful but not required.

We occasionally use remote editors, who are provided with the project on a couriered hard drive.

A typical hire would be:

Being booked for three days work to edit a 3-minute factual film, which would involve:

  • Importing and organising 4–6 hours of raw footage

  • Logging interview footage and b-roll using labelling, keywords and timelines

  • Building a narrative from the footage itself (rather than following a script or treatment)

  • Adding titles, basic graphics, choosing and laying music, basic colour correcting and applying a creative grade, mid-level sound editing, and implementing 2-3 rounds of feedback

We normally book in editors two weeks in advance of a job.

If you are interested in being on our rota of freelance editors please fill in the form as best (and as honestly!) as you can, and we will be in touch.

Freelance Shooters

We hire freelancers for shoots on an irregular basis and are currently looking to expand our pool of freelance shooters.

We mainly book camera operators to use our in-house kit, working closely on set with one of our in-house PDs. We occasionally also book freelancers with their own kit.

We normally shoot with two-person crews, and a shoot would often see the camera operator also monitoring on-camera sound, collaborating with the PD on lighting, and directing contributors for b-roll.

A typical shoot might consist of:

  • Being booked for 2 days shooting at an Oxford institution or organisation

  • Meeting the in-house PD at 8am in our offices to help prep and load kit, taxi-ing to the client’s location

  • 30 minutes setting up camera, lights and mics for a 4-point-lighting interview set up

  • Monitoring the camera (framing, focus, sound, exposure) while the PD conducts 30-40 minute conversational interviews

  • Packing down interview kit, lunch break

  • Shooting 5 different b-roll sequences of the subjects – with the assistance of the PD (sequences are sometimes lit, sometimes natural, and often use a mixture of grip)

  • Picking up exteriors

  • Packing down remaining kit and taxi-ing back to our offices by 6pm

We normally book in shooters two weeks in advance of a job.

If you are interested in being on our rota of freelance camera operators please fill in the form as best (and as honestly!) as you can and we will be in touch.


We are not currently seeking freelancers in other roles, but we are always keen to hear from professionals in the local area with a view to possible future collaborations, so do get in touch with your details.

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